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Pay Per Click Advertising

Increase Exposure | Improve ROI | Reduce Costs

At Bicester Digital, we can help you with any level of PPC management to suit your needs. Getting the most out of your PPC campaigns takes years of experience.

1. Discovery

Learn about your business requirements & current online activities.

2. Analysis

Conduct a full analysis on your current campaigns to find opportunities and identify wastage.

3. Solutions

Generate ideas and strategies to improve campaigns.

4. Implementation

Implement changes to campaigns and continue to optimise and provide improved results.

Our Approach

Bicester Digital will work with you to develop the very best ROI for your PPC campaigns. With over a seven years of experience in PPC, we can get your business placed across any of the major search engines. Working closely to understand your business, we will get to work using the most relevant keywords or phrases to your business and can even include location targeting.

Whether you are a multi-national chain or a smaller local business, we will help you to reach your target audience and increases visitor numbers to your website with high quality clicks through inventive, targeted ads to help you grow your business online.

Why Choose Us?

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Different Types Of PPC

Google Shopping Ads (PLAs)

Google Shopping Ads are great! You can display your product, price and picture before a user even clicks – this  means you get far better quality traffic to your site which is more likely to end in a sale!

Display Ads

With Display Advertising we are able to target specific websites and even specific topics of interests to potential customers, to ensure your Ads are being seen by the right people. Display Ads can include Social Media too!


This method of Display advertising enables you to keep your brand, product or service on people’s minds by displaying your adverts on other websites after a visitor has previously been on your site, prompting potential buyers to re-visit and choose your product / service.

Some Recent Projects

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